"Your soul is a beautiful thing, child. No emperor received so fair a gift."

Phantom of the Opera Indie RP

Several Adaptations Incorporated

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Their Ghost

Her Angel

I’m a monster, a fiend, there’s no sin I haven’t committed and I’m ready to do it all again. Your blows are in vain, for I’ll never mend my ways, there is too much ecstasy in crime. The only way to stop my joy is to kill me; crime is my life, the very air that I breathe. I’ve lived by crime, and shall die by it.
Monsieur de Grancourt
120 Days of Sodom
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Ivan Ozhogin and Elena Bahtiyarova


Ivan Ozhogin and Elena Bahtiyarova


                                                 You’re gone
                                                              and I know
                                                       its my fault

♪ yet in his eyes, all the sadness of the world  




1.) Send them anon messages saying ‘expand dong’ for about a week
2.) Ask if they want to know who u are
3.) Tell them anyway
4.) BOOM! Friendship

Thank u to kilimanjunko for teaching me this method
I hope you all make many friend

I’ve got two ‘expand dong’ messages since this

I got one^-^

I went to this festival with my friend that was held at her church last weekend and we started talking about Supernatural and not thinking about where I was I practically shouted ‘I love Lucifer!’ quite loudly and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten such a large crowd of people so quiet before


Broadway musicals have ruined my life in the best way possible

There is

             no way

                         to fix

                                 someone like




César appreciation post. what a well trained horse. good job doin your thing buddy


current struggle: trying to sing One Day More alone